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I am a university educated chemist with 22 years of experience in the Chemical Industry, and 7 years experience as a self-employed entrepreneur. I was immersed in computerization of systems within 6 months of beginning my career and have acquired a wide variety of skills as a result.

I have extensive experience as a senior database design and development professional with expertise in delivering solutions to complex data management, process control, and instrument connectivity problems. I have specific experience with LabSystems Sample Manager, Labware LIMS, Aspentech IP.21, and products from Matrikon, HP, Varian, and more. I have successfully integrated advanced analytical instruments in a modern networked and automated chemical laboratory with numerous database systems.

I have seven years of experience as a self-employed contractor providing system specification, network setup, security and system maintenance, data recovery, data migration, and database design for dozens of small business clients. I have developed a reputation for being able to explain difficult concepts to a non-specialist audience both verbally and in writing.

I am a highly organized and capable team leader and facilitator. Most recently, I have been granted a US patent for a new invention, the VisiVisor™, and created a new business to manufacture and market the product, which can be found at

Professional Skills and Abilities


  • Windows Operating Systems
  • Communications, Networking, Routers
  • Relational database design: Aspentech IP.21, MS Access
  • LabSystems Sample Manager Laboratory Information System (Oracle platform)
  • Labware LIMS
  • Matrikon Process Guard (SQL Server Platform), Microsoft Access 
  • Process control programming
  • Laboratory automation
  • GC, GC-MS, FTIR, FTIR-microscopy systems and Database connections
  • Group Facilitation, project management
  • SQLPlus, VGL
  • System Security products: Symantec, Eset NOD32, CA ISS, Trendnet
  • MS Office Products

Professional Experience

Database Developer                   Health Canada                                                                   2011 – 2012

I was hired to fix bugs and to analyze the Labware LIMS database in order to recommend a strategy to permanently fix the system. The recommended solution requires normalization of the database table structure and eliminating / re-writing custom code.

Owner, Inventor and CEO          VisiVisor Inc.                                                                     2008 - Present

Invented and designed the patent-pending VisiVisor™. The patent was filed through the Patent Cooperation Treaty, which allows for subsequent patent protection in more than 50 countries including Canada, USA, most of Europe. I identified the manufacturing process, suppliers, and contract manufacturers to bring the product to market under the VisiVisor™ name as seen at We can produce 40,000 units per month individually packaged for retail.Independent Contractor                  

Nerds On Site                                                                       2005 - 2011

Provide complete IT services to small and medium size businesses as part of a network of highly skilled Independent IT professionals: System specification, network setup, security and cleaning, data recovery, data migration, database design and implementation.

Applications Programmer          Canadian Food Inspection Agency                            2006

CFIA implemented a highly customized Sample Manager database in which many tables are shared with other systems. This created an unusually complex development environment since many Sample Manager Tools, such as convert_table, could not be used. Table modifications needed to be coordinated with the ‘database group’ and performed manually using Oracle tools. I was given a three month contract to: 

·        Teach Sample Manager and VGL programming, and make enhancement recommendations.

·        Create an access database to describe the structure of the Sample Manager database

·        Resolve Sample Manager Bugs reported to the help desk.

·        Create several new forms for data display

Process Systems Specialist       DuPont of Canada Inc.                                                 2002 - 2005

Specialist responsible for manufacturing information systems and custom applications for businesses across Invista Canada, including the 300 million lb/year adipic plant in Maitland and the Nylon Fibers production site in Kingston. Specified, configured, coded and supported complex and diverse relational databases, as well as assisted power users to become self-sufficient in developing the systems to suit their changing needs.

·       Upgraded LabSystems Sample Manager from VMS version 3.2 to Windows 2000 version 2001. This was a major, multi-version upgrade including change from Vax VMS to Windows 2000. Led a team of eight specialists, which included an oracle DBA, networking and peripherals specialists, and Laboratory professionals. This work enabled the Maitland Laboratories to send data directly to SAP, and was part of the drive to eliminate the VAXs.

·   Played a key role implementing the state of the art Aspentech IP21 process information system at Suva®, Nylon Intermediates (NI) and the Power House. Suva® was able to shut down their legacy vantage system as a result and save the associated costs. Some users are now writing their own SQL code.

Senior Analytical Chemist          DuPont of Canada Inc.                                                  1995 - 2002

Senior Analytical Chemist with joint supervisory responsibilities for 27 laboratory analysts. Responsible for guiding analysts in method development, identifying laboratory equipment and personnel needs, process support of five production plants: Adipic Acid, Suva ®, Diamine, KA, Engineering Products (plastic composites). Also responsible for the support of various laboratory information systems. 

·       Designed and wrote a database for special analytical requests using Microsoft Access.  The system is used by 27 laboratory employees and accessed across the site.

·        Implemented enhancements to the existing SampleManager LIMS system: automatic data entry via email; expansion to include a remote laboratory; interface with networked analytical instrumentation software (team effort); improved result authorization process, and numerous custom reports.

·        Part of the team effort that upgraded the LabSystems SampleManager for Y2K compliance.

·         Initiated project to specify the future computer needs of the lab.

·        Team member driving method development, key projects, and the technical development of analysts.

·        Played a key role identifying palmitic acid (using GC-MS and FTIR) as the prime cause of the adipic acid oil contamination. The results indicated that understanding the source and behavior of palmitic acid in the Adipic process was central to a permanent resolution of the oil problem.

·      Led many successful projects: complete characterization of a process stream for introduction as a new product; analysis of purgeable organic compounds in water; analysis of complex refrigerant mixtures; and on-line NIR analysis of wet KA.

·        Shared responsibility for supervision of 27 analysts.

·        Completed customer service visits to resolve technical problems with the use of our products.

·        Identified, acquired and commissioned new technology to meet the analytical needs of the site. Examples include HP GC-MSD system, many HP 6890 GC's, a Traacs 800 auto-chemistry system, two PE FTIRs, and PE Optima ICP.


Dow Chemical of Canada Inc., Sarnia, Ontario

Environmental Chemist                 Environmental R&D                             1993 - 1994

Research Chemist                          Analytical R&D                                       1988 - 1993

Process Control Programmer     Voranols Plant                                        1986 - 1988

Analytical Chemist                         Chlorinated Products Lab                    1982 - 1986

·      Acquired extensive experience in the use of analytical instrumentation such as FTIR, FTIR-microscopy, GC, GC-MS, and XRay fluorescence to solve problems.

·       Wrote a relational database in Basic for managing and reporting analytical data

·       Wrote the control code and simulator for the automation of a Propylene Glycol plant

·    Facilitator for the Analytical and Environmental Steering Team as well as many other project teams: Trace Metals, ISO 9000 Implementation, New R&D Building Design.


Honors Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, University of Western Ontario, 1982

Professional Development


·      Several computer operating systems and system manager courses including Advanced VGL programming by Thermo LabSystems

·      Configuring and Managing Sample Manager (LabSystems)

·      SQL+ for IP.21 (Aspentech)

·      IP.21 Applications Development (Aspentech)

·      GC-MS, HP Chemstation

·      Statistical process control

·      FTIR courses at Bowdoin College in Maine

·        Group action (team leadership)

·        Managing interpersonal relationships

·        Conflict resolution

·        Technical report writing

·        Effective presentations

·        Strategic Management and Facilities Planning – Queen’s University Executive Development Program

My hobbies include cycling, swimming, and photography 

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